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Friday, November 28, 2014

Constipation Acute & Chronic Homeopathy Specialty Treatment Hospital in Velachery, Chennai, Tamil nadu, India

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Constipation may be defined as an infrequent evacuation of the faeces. What constitutes infrequency differs in different persons. Some have bowel movement after its meal; while others only open their bowel every two or three days. Each of these rhythms is compatible with normal health.

Types of constipation:
Acute constipation is associated with intestinal obstruction whether mechanical or paralytic in origin, of which in forms one of the cardinal symptoms.
The chronic form is by far the most common and is the type unusually denoted by the term “constipation”. Chronic constipation is generally considered to be of two main types:
Ø  Colonic constipation.
Ø  Dyschezia.

Colonic Constipation
ü  Colonic constipation which denotes delay through the colon as a whole is due to propulsive movement, although segmental movements may actually be increased.
ü  It may also be due to mechanical interference with the passage of faeces. Deficient movement may result from inadequate stimulation. Of the colon from insufficient faecel bulk due to diminished food, As a sequel to previous purgation which leaves the bowel empty.
ü  Severe dehydration from any cause may be followed by constipation.
ü  A spastic colon which abstracts an undue amount of water from the faecel matter may also be a cause.
ü  Defective movement also occurs from a hypothyroidism which is often associated with constipation.
ü  Chronic constipation can also occur from a stricture of the of the bowel which is usually carcinoma, but may be due to diverticulitis.
ü  Constipation is also a symptom of depressive state.
ü  It is also a feature of pregnancy.

The most common cause of simple non-organic constipation is a habitual failure to empty the rectum. This type of constipation has been named, ‘dyschezia’. Various factor have been suggested to account for this condition.

¬  Improper training in childhood, insufficient of lavatory accommodation and a persistent neglect to answer the call to defaecate.
¬  Lack of roughage or fibre content in the diet.
¬  Weakness of the abdominal muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor. This may be the factor in the constipation of the aged.
¬  Posture at defaecation. Some races defaecate in the ‘squatting’ position with the thighs fixed on the abdomen and this seems to hold certain anatomical advantages, which are lost, if the usual setting position of the western civilization id adopted.

Apart from a little discomfort due to retained faeces, which seems to be mainly mechanical, it is doubtful if constipation produces any symptoms.

Alumina. Constipation due to dryness of the intestinal tract. The indication are: even a soft stool is expel with difficulty. no desire for stool, stool may be hard, knotty like sheep-dung or may be soft. rectum dry, inflamed and bleeding. dry mouth and irritated looking tongue. much straining, and stool small and in pieces.                                                                                                    Bryonia and Alumina are similar except that in the latter, there is complete rectal inactivity.

Bryonia. Dryness and no urging, intestine atony and, therefore, the stool, which is large, hard and very dry is passed with difficulty, as in Ver Alb., and Opium, where muscular action and secretion both are diminished, acts better in rheumatic cases and in summer. There is mental irritability and ill-humour  (in obstinate cases, alternate Nux with Bryonia).

Graphites. Is one of the best remedies in case of constipation due to non-attendance of natures call in time. The indication are: no urging for days, and when the stool does pass, it is in round balls, knotted together with shreds of mucus.  Accompanied with great pain owing to fissures. Fissures burn, smart and itch.                                                                                         
Chief remedies of fissures being.  Silicea, Nitric Acid, Paeonia, and Ratanhia. Anus extremely sore and aching after stool; and temperament and obesity are generally deciding factors. The remedy suits women more than men.

Lycopodium. Constipation due to constriction of the rectum which is associated with piles; the rectum contracts, and protrudes with the stool. Other points of selection are: stool hard and dry, or the first part hard and the last soft, suits constipation of children and pregnant women, great deal of rumbling in the abdomen following stools; mentally depressed melancholy and oppressed with fear.

Natrum Mur. Hard and crumbly stools. As the rectum is dry, it is hard to expel stool without bleeding, smarting and soreness, ineffective urging to stool with stitches in rectum, suits constipation of young men who are subject to acne. It may be used in all tedious and obstinate cases, where other remedies have failed.

Nux Vomica. Very useful for those who are constipated due to the use of purgatives and laxatives. It should, however, be prescribed in tincture at first go give relief, and then in higher potency to cure. Hydrastis is also applicable in such cases. But special indication should be noted. In the case of Nux, it is sinking and gone-feeling at pit of stomach, and the stools are hard and lumby with mucus.

Platinum. Special points to note that stools adhere to rectum like glue. There is great dryness in the rectum and hence there is unsuccessful urging to stool and a feeling of weakness in abdomen and a load in the rectum. It is more suitable, if the trouble is bought by a change in the manner of living like that of ravellers and emigrants. There are sharp stitches in the rectum. This remedy is also used for constipation due to lead poisoning.

Plumbum. The symptoms are:- loss of muscular activity and diminished secretions of the intestinal tract. There is urging to stool, accompanied with violent colic, and spasmodic pains. The abdominal walls are retracted and drawn in. The stool passes with difficulty and consist of little round balls, which are black, dry and hard. The anus feels, as it drawn upwards.

Silicea. Constipation due to inefficient expulsive power of the rectum, and the spasmodic condition of the sphincter which suddenly contracts, and the partially expelled stool recedes. This occurs in spinal disorders or with women during menses.

Sulphur. Ineffectual urging to stool with burning and heat in the rectum, and there is general uneasy feeling all through the intestinal tract, due to abdominal fullness or passive portal congestion; tendency to piles; stools are hard, dark, dry and expelled with great straining and pain at the start, much switching and burning of the anus. The evacuations are often unsatisfactory.

Veratrum album. The indication, calling for its use in constipation, is complete atony (weakness) of the bowels. The faeces accumulate in large masses in the rectum. The patient strains, and does not succeed and often sweats. The stools are large, hard and black. There may be faintness after stool. Ver Alb.3x is recommended.

Other remedies are:
ü  Anacardium
ü  Amm. Mur.
ü  Alumen.
ü  Causticum.
ü  Ignatia.
ü  Nitric Acid.
ü  Opium.
ü  Phosphorus. 

Symptomatic Homeopathy medicines helps for Constipation. Its good to consult the doctor to get symptomatic treatment.

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