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Friday, November 28, 2014

Diabetes Mellitus – Glycosuria Homeopathy Specialty Treatment Hospital in Velachery, Chennai, Tamil nadu, India

 Diabetes, சர்க்கரை நோய், நீரிழிவு நோய், சக்கரை வியாதி, சுகர், சிறப்பு சிகிச்சை, velachery, chennai hospital homeopathy

Diabetes Mellitus – Glycosuria - A metabolism disorder
Diabetes mellitus is not a disease but include variety of disorder of metabolism in which there is an excessive proportion of sugar in blood on account of a disorder in the chemical changes of the carbohydrates which form a part of our daily food. This disorder is associated with lack if internal secretion of insulin due to defect in the islets of the pancreas. When the carbohydrates metabolism became seriously damage in this way there are naturally abnormality in the metabolism of fat and protein. The obvious effect is, therefore, the appearance of glucose and later on acetone bodies in the urine with gradual muscular wasting.

It is yet uncertain how far the pancreas directly responsible for causing this disease. But there is no doubt that the functional derangement of its internal secret ion of insulin is caused by factors probably more than one. In some chronic pancreatic cases, absolute lack of insulin occurs. In others, insulin in excess can be demonstrated in the plasma of diabetics. There are a number of factors which contribute to be development of the diabetic state.
Ø  Heredity. A familial tendency exists. It is probably that diabetes develops at an early age among children of the diabetics. The genetic factors are thus more important.
Ø  Age. The disease may appear at any age but the highest incident occurs after the age of 40.  Thus the disease is mostly among the middle aged and elderly.
Ø  Sex. It prevails more among males than females. During the middle age, women’s are mostly affected. Pregnancy may add to the development of diabetes.
Ø  Infection. These may unmask latent diabetes, especially staplylococcal infections.
Ø  Stress. Earlier physical injury or emotional disturbance is frequently blamed as the initial causes of the disease. A severe stress such as, a car smash does not cause diabetes though it can change the latent forms of the disease into the clinical.

Types of diabetes:
There are two mainly types:
Ø  Juvenile onset type.
Ø  The adult or maturity onset type.
The first type usually develops among the first 40 years in persons of normal or less than normal weight. The second developed in the middle age or elderly person who are generally obese, in whom glycosuria can be controlled by dietary means alone. Patient of these types rarely developed ketosis.

Clinical features:
The patients are first noted to have glycosuria. Frequently they have no signs and abnormal symptoms.
ü  Secondly the patient may present symptoms due to complication, such as, failing vision, peripheral vascular disease, and infections of the skin, lungs and urinary tract.
ü  Patient who present the condition due to diabetic state have the following symptoms to begin with- weakness, excessive thirst, and polyuria, a dry mouth or nocturia. Loss of weight is common, and may be proportionate to any change in appetite or reduction in amount of food taken.
ü  Pruritus vulvae are frequent and distressing symptoms.
ü  Sometimes diabetes may appear as a fulminating disease associated with an acute infection or without any cause; an epigastric pain and vomiting may be the only complains. This is more likely to occur in the juvenile onset type associated with ketoacidosis.
ü  There may be no sign except glycosuria.
ü  Vulvitis with excoriation from scratching may be found or are less commonly balanitis in the males.
ü  In the fulminating variety dehydration is striking.
ü  A dry furred tongue with cracked lips may be found.
ü  A rapid pulse and low blood pressure may be exists.
ü  Breathing is deep and sighing may attract attention.
ü  The breath is usually foetid.
ü  Coma or stupor may be the ultimate sign.

Ø  Eye complications.
Ø  Pneumonia.
Ø  Coronary thrombosis.
Ø  Pulmonary tuberculosis.
Ø  Diabetic coma.
Ø  Hypertension, albuminuria and oedema be present.

¬  Diabetes mellitus is diagnosed from symptoms and signs, such as:
¬  Polyuria.
¬  Increased thirst and appetitie.
¬  Muscular wasting.
¬  Examination of urine or glucose tolerance test,showing high blood sugar leval.

Careful dieting and skilled treatment can improved the chances of recovery and no one should really die of this disease. Chronic diabetes, however, is incurable. Complications and early pregnancy makes the prognosis unfavorable.

Differential Diagnosis:
It is to be made from Renal diabetes which has a low sugar content on account of an inborn defect of renal tubular re absorption of glucose in urine, with normal blood sugar.

v  Carbohydrates not more than 1.5 gm per kilo. of body weight.
v  Carbohydrate and fat ratio should be 2:1.
v  Items of carbohydrates may be whole-meal bread; fish and meat (both lean) should form the proteins.
v  Cooking oil and butter fat are principal fats. A patient weighting 65kg.may take 150kg.of carbohydrates, 70 gm. of protein and 60gm.of fat which will yield about 1400 calories.

Bryonia. This remedy is indicated in diabetes, when lips are dry (the first symptom of diabetes).Persistent bitter taste. The patient is languid, morose and dispirited. Thirst may or may not be extreme, nor appetite voracious. The patient loses strength through inability to eat.

Lactic Acid. An exceedingly good remedy in the gastro-hepatic variety of diabetes, and good results often follow its use. The symptoms are: urine profuse and free; urine light yellow containing glucose; thirst; nausea; debility; vicarious appetite; constipation; dry skin, dry tongue and gastralgia.

Phosphorus. Useful in diabetes and pancreatic disease, especially a person in tuberculosis and gouty pre disposition.

Phosphoric acid. Diabetes of nervous origin; urine milky and contain much sugar, cases due to grief, worry and anxiety, of those who indifferent and apathetic, poor in mental and physical force; curative in early stage with great debility and bruised feeling in the muscles; loss of appetite; unquenchable, thirst; occasionally there may be boiled on the body; deposit of phosphate in urine, or large quantity of pale colorless urine.

Plumbum. One of the most important remedies in diabetes mellitus. Indicates are: excessive emaciation; obstinate constipation; great hunger; sweetish taste in mouth; sweetish belching and vomiting.

Uranium Nitrate 3X. Diabetes which originates from dyspepsia or indigestion; polyuria,; dryness of mouth and skin; it lessens sugar and the quantity of urine, defective digestion and assimilation; much sugar in urine; enormous appetite and thirst, and yet he loses flesh.

Helonias. Urine contains phosphates and sugar; diabetes with melancholia, emaciation, thirst and restlessness.

Syzygium. A palliative remedy and should be used in tincture doses. It diminished the amount of sugar. Diabetes with ulceration.

Arsenicum. Diabetis with boil, carbuncles, and diarrhea.

Natrum Sulph. A reliable remedy for diabetes with dry mouth and throat in hydrogenoid constitution.

Insulin. (3X or 30X). The use of this drug is potentised form has given better results. it should not, however, be overdose.
Other useful remedies for diabetes mellitus are: Coca 3X. Arsenic Bromatum (tincture) 3 drops thrice daily; codeinum 3X.


Symptomatic Homeopathy medicines helps for Diabetes. Its good to consult the doctor to get symptomatic treatment.

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