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Friday, June 8, 2018

Homeopathy Treatment and medicines for Anal Fissure

 anal fissure homeopathy treatment in chennai

Homeopathy Treatment and medicines for Anal Fissure
An anal fissure is a small cut or tear in the lining of the anus. The crack in the skin causes severe pain and some bright red bleeding during and after bowel movements. At times the fissure is deep enough to expose the muscle tissue underneath.

An anal fissure may cause one or more of the following symptoms:
ü  A visible tear in the skin around your anus
ü  A skin tag or small lump of skin, next to the tear
ü  Sharp pain in the anal area during bowel movements
ü  Streaks of blood on stools or on tissue paper after wiping
ü  Burning or itching in the anal area

How is an anal fissure diagnosed?
A doctor can usually diagnose an anal fissure simply by examining the area around the anus. However, they may want to perform a rectal exam to confirm the diagnosis

Homeopathy Treatment for Anal Fissure
Symptomatic and Constitutional Homeopathy medicines helps for Anal Fissure,

Warning: Self medication is not advisable – It’s good to consult a Registered Homeopathy doctor before taking medicines,

Few Homeopathy medicines for anal fissure
Ø  You can use graphite, one of the best fissure treatment in homeopathy. It is one of the most natural methods to treat fissures. It is made from black lead, and the origin of black lead comes from mineral carbon.
Ø  You should always use it in its diluted form. Usually, when you suffer from fissures, you have constipated and your get eczema on your skin. The person who suffers from fissures cannot survive in cold weather.
Ø  Thus, you need to treat fissures as soon as possible. Whenever you see such symptoms, use graphite as your medicine. Graphites help in the nutrition of the skin as well as in circulation.

Ø  It helps with gastrointestinal organs and ensures proper functioning of them. They are also used to fight obesity and dyspepsia.

Nitric Acid
Ø  It is one of the most effective methods of treating fissures. Whenever you have fissures, and you are suffering from diarrhoea, you can use nitric acid to treat it. Whenever a patient is having a problem in passing the stool or can’t pass the stool, give them nitric acid for fissure.

Ø  It is one of the most used homeopathic medicine for treating fissures. Whenever you feel restriction in the rectum or you night feels some pain, then you need to take in ratanhia homeopathy fissure medicine. You can also use cold water to remove the pain.

Ø  If there is a constant oozing of moist liquid from the fissure, you need to have Paeonia. If it is an anal fissure, you might feel crusts near that area and a strange feeling of feeling cold in the rectal area. Then you need to have Paeonia to resolve your problem.

Ø  If the pain is less, you can treat fissures with phosphorous. They might feel thirsty at all times. If the patient consumes warm water, then he or she might start vomiting. Whenever anything of this sort happens, you need to use phosphorous.

Sedum Acre
Ø  You can also use sedum acre to treat fissures. If you are suffering from the hard stool, you can consume sedum acre and get instant relief. It is the best option for post stool pain.

Ø  Sulphur is one of the most effective homeopathic medicine for fissures. In case of anal fissure, when the stool is becoming hard and dry and causing severe tears in the passageway, you need to take sulphur to get rid of the issue. It works by decreasing the amount of pain and makes the stool less hard and softer. You can also control the itching by using sulphur.

Ø  Bryonia is an effective homeopathy medicine which helps to treat fissures. You can take Bryonia when the stool is hard, and it causes a severe amount of pain.

Ø  Alumina is given when the stool is hard and stays in the rectum for a long period.

Natrum Mur
Ø  There is another kind of homeopathic medicine known as Natrum Mur which is also effective when it comes to treating fissures. You consume this medicine when the stool breaks due to some constriction inside the passage of the intestine.
Ø  Usually passing of stool is followed by itching and burning. Thus to avoid all that, you need to take in such medicines. Natrum Mur is one of the deepest acting medicine which helps the gastrointestinal tracts. If you become irritable after passing stool, then you should opt for this medication.

Ø  Sometimes pus is released from the anus. This pus has a very distinct odour and is difficult to manage. To stop this, you need to consume some homeopathic medicine. Medicines like Silicea help to reduce the discharge of pus. It also helps the stool to pass without any difficulty. Silica is inert when obtained in its natural form. It has to go through the process of protentization to properly treat the fissures. Silica is mostly known as a polycrest homeopathic medication. This is because it is used for a wide range of diseases. Silica also helps in nutrition. So use it to get excellent results.

Ø  Another homeopathic medicine which is used by several patients to treat fissures is Aesculus. Some so many patients suffer from fissures. If the stool you pass is hard and it starts to pain after

Warning: Self medication is not advisable – It’s good to consult a Registered Homeopathy doctor before taking medicines,

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