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Friday, June 8, 2018

Homeopathic Treatment for Gas problems, Hyper acidity, GERD, Heart Burn in Chennai

 Homeopathic Treatment for Gas problems, Hyper acidity, GERD, Heart Burn

Homeopathic Treatment for Gas problems, Hyper acidity, GERD, Heart Burn

  • Hyperacidity, also known as acid dyspepsia simply means increase of acidity in the stomach. The human stomach contains gastric glands that secrets hydrochloric acid which is necessary for the digestion of foods. When the stomach contains an excessive amount of hydrochloric acid, then the condition is called as hyperacidity or acid dyspepsia. The level of acids in the human stomach is generally controlled; but for some reason the level of acids increases beyond the normal levels and results hyperacidity. The stomach is equipped with these acids in order to be able to digest the food. The acids are released when foods enter the stomach. However some foods are difficult to digest than the others. For such foods, the stomach needs to secrete more acids. Continuous secretions of such acids could lead to hyperacidity in the stomach. This excessive production of acids could be made higher due to various factors.

Common causes of Acidity :
Hyperacidity, by itself, is not a disease. It is actually an effect to certain stressors. Those are -
  • Prolong use of Non Steroid anti Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID)
  • Faulty diet habits – regular taking of rich spices hot foods, fast foods, junk foods
  • Intake of fats, sweets, adulterated and fermented food
  • Excessive intake of chocolate, tea, coffee
  • Always Staying in a mental stress and tensed condition
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Prolonged insomnia (sleeplessness)
  • The pressure packed lifestyle
  • Prolonged alcohol consumption
  • Excessive Smoking
  • Inadequate exercise
  • Ulcers in the stomach are one of the commonest causes in increasing acid production.
  • Stomach cancer can manifest acidity symptoms

GERD - Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder
  • GERD - Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder is a chronic disease that is characterized by the reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus.
Zollinger-Ellison syndrome -Zollinger-Ellison syndrome is a disease caused by the overproduction of gastrin. Gastrin is the hormone that stimulates production of gastric juices in the stomach. Overproduction of this hormone will lead to hyperacidity, which in turn, can lead to ulcers in the doudenum and stomach

  • Hypercalcemia is the increase of calcium level of the body that can also lead to hyperacidity. It can be caused by various medical conditions such as parathyroid problems, malignant tumors, vitamin D metabolic disorders, and renal failure.

Common symptoms of Acidity :
ü  Restlessness with constant pain in the stomach
ü  Nausea, vomiting
ü  Burning sensation of chest
ü  loss appetite
ü  Belching with sour eructation, sour taste in the mouth
ü  Heaviness of abdomen, abdominal distention
ü  A sensation of bloating of stomach
ü  Flatulence and gurgling sounds in stomach
ü  Bursting headache with nauseated tendency
ü  Head reeling and dizziness      

Homoeopathic Treatment

Nux Vom:
Ø  Is an excellent remedy for gastric derangements. There is loss of appetite, pain after eating .Indigestion is the ranking symptom of this remedy. It has pains radiating to various directions from the epigastrium with spasmodic vomiting. Nervous  gastralgia. The discomfort comes about half an hour after meals. When due to spirituous liquors.

Carbo Veg:
Ø  Slow and imperfect digestion, weight in the stomach and intestines and a faint and all-gone sensation in the stomach not relieved by eating. But after a few mouthfuls there is a sense of repletion. There is violent burning in the stomach, chest and abdomen with crampy pains which force the patient to bend double. Heaviness in the stomach. The eructations are rancid. Sour and putrid. There is flatulence in stomach or upper part of the abdomen.

Where there is flatulence in the whole of abdomen and the distension is painful, Only relived momentarily by belching. Sour or bitter eructation’s or offensive flatus. Digestion in slow, worse after late supper. Yellow diarrhoea, worse at night and after meals is an important keynote of this remedy. The absence of rancid belching with burning in this remedy distinguee. Another important indication of this remedy is that the food does not digest but lies. a long time in the stomach causing eructation’s and finally is vomited undigested.

Ø  It is indicated when there is flatulence in the lower part of the abdomen. Vigorous appetite but few mouthfuls make him feel as if the stomach is bloated and he has to leave his meals. Unlike pulsatilla and Anacardium, the distress in lycopodium is seen Immediately after and not half an hour after eating as in the Former two remedies. Nux Mosch has distress immediately after eating but there is intolerance of pressure about the waist, not all the time as in Lachesis. Another important symptom of this remedy is desire for sweets. It is specially usefull in the atonic and acid forms of dyspepsia, for it has sour taste, sour belching and vomiting, whenever it does occur, it is sour. Painful swelling at the pit of the stomach. Belching of gas does not afford any relief. Red sand in the urine. Colic in newly born children.

Ø  Dryness of the mouth, putrid taste in the morning on waking and a sensation as if food had lodged under the sternum are characteristic symptoms of this remedy. Tongue coated with thick rough white fur: acidity and heart-burn: food tastes bitter, sour or putrid: waterbrash and eructation tasting of food. No thirst, only a desire to moisten the mouth. Bad taste is special indication of Pulsatilla. It is specially usefull for dyspepsia Arising from fatty foods, pork, pastry or mixed diets. The patient is chilly, But is worse from heat. Worse in the evening unlike Nux Vom, Which is worse in the morning.

Ø  Great relief after eating is the leading indication of this remedy. Sinking feeling which comes on two hours after eating and dull pain in the stomach extending to the spine. There are tasteless erucations, occasionally sour. Worse after eating.

Ø  Regurgitation of food. Craving for cold food which is vomited as soon as it becomes hot in the stomach. Spitting of blood without nausea is also common in this remedy. Gone, weak feeling in the stomach, which, unlike Sulphur and sepia, extends to the bowels, burning between the scapulae is also present at times. Vomiting in chronic dyspepsia. It has special relation to destructive and disintegrating processes, hence it is one of the remedies for cancers, indurations, erosions, etc. A burning, gnawing, circumscribed pain is characteristic. Rapid loss of flesh and anaemia.

Ø  Sepia is more often found useful in women, but the symptoms agreeing it may, of course, be used in men. Sepia the face is apt to have the characteristic yellow saddle across the nose. There is a white-coated tongue and a sour or putrid taste in the mouth. The most characteristic symptom, however , is a feeling of goneness in the pit of the stomach, which is not relieved by eating. There is nausea at the smell or sight of the food. The abdomen of Sepia is flatulent and the liver is sore and has sharp pains in it; but here again Sepia is different from all others, for it is relieved by lying on the right side. The urine of Sepia always deposits a lithic acid sediment it adheres tenaciously to the side and bottom of the vessel and is offensive.

Arsenicum album
Ø  The person needing Arsenicum album for acid reflux disease may complain of burning pains felt in the stomach with food backing up into the esophagus. This is accompanied by burning pains all the way up to the throat. There may be severe, watery, burning, yellow diarrhea. Many of the symptoms will feel better while drinking hot drinks like tea, or by applying hot applications, like a heating pad. They may be thirsty for small, frequent sips of cold water, their mental state may be anxious, restless and fearful of being left alone.

Warning: Self medication is not advisable – It’s good to consult a Registered Homeopathy doctor before taking medicines,

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