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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How to manage your Vocal Cords

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Singing is almost as strenuous as an athlete training for the Olympic Games. It requires practice, consistency, and to stay in top shape, some extra conscious care. Singers have vigorous routines. Before Celine Dion took her break in 2000, she had a routine she performed daily to keep her vocals top notch. Of course you don't have to restrict everything you eat, what you do, or what you breathe in. You don't have to cut out milk entirely or bundle up like an Eskimo in the winter. Knowing what to do afterwards will make the difference. Milk just causes extra mucus to be produced and cold air dries out the chords. One problem that can occur, even with proper technique, is bowing. Bowing of the vocal chords happens when the air is pushed against the chords and the chords actually bend in a bow shape. It is caused by the chords resisting the air flow as a result of the flexibility breaking down. This happens over time and is often found in older singers. It can happen to anyone, but improper technique and habits will only increase the chances of it happening earlier. What is the main cause of bowed vocal chords? Excessive pressure placed on the vocal chords. Singers, take note of some simple tips for your every day routine.

Excessive pressure on the vocal chords is caused mainly by belting. Belting can be a desire for high volume, or because it takes more air to reach higher notes.

Having problem breathing is very important for singers. Breaths should come deep from the diaphragm. The air should be unrestricted as it comes up.

Another good tip to help breath come out properly, allowing better tone control, is to start the phrase at the end of the inhale. A space in between sound and the inhale can cause very minute shocks on the vocal chords, making the air more restricted, placing more pressure on the folds.

Posture is also important for singers. It's a good idea to do physical exercise even before a concert to help loosen up muscles surrounding your throat and shoulders. Too much tension in the muscles can tighten up your throat muscles, making it harder to sing, in return causing more pressure on the chords from belting. Hold your shoulders upright as you sing to give maximum airflow. This doesn't mean you have to stand still, just keep in mind when you're moving around that your shoulders should be relaxed but still held upright so your diaphragm can be used properly.

Hitting high notes doesn't mean you have to scream. Again, it's all about breath control. Singers, especially amateurs, tend to start shouting and using excessive pressure to hit those notes. All it really takes is a deep breath and control from your diaphragm. Hitting those notes, even increasing volume, doesn't have to be excessive. This will in time cause the bowing you don't want to have.

As mentioned, dairy products are usually avoided for serious singers. However, every body processes food differently than the next. It's a good idea to figure out how your body handles dairy. If you have milk and find your throat being a bit congested, it's advised to be lenient on the intake. Drink a glass of water after some ice cream. Dairy products can cause mucus build up. This won't damage your vocal chords on its own. It's the sound and tone you will hear that will cause you to over sing or sing a bit off.

Smoking is also a biased lifestyle. There are singers who are old and have been smoking a long time who sing amazing. Others you can tell they are smokers. Again, if you smoke you will only know how your body reacts. You can get with your doctor to analyze results. Over time you can see if any significant damage has been done. Basically, smoking is unhealthy under any circumstance.

Vocal workouts are imperative. Every day, running through scales will help keep your vocal chord's flexibility.

One of the most important tips a singer should always keep in mind is resist yelling and shouting as much as possible. This causes extreme fatigue and pressure on the vocal chords and often can be felt for days. It is fun to go to a football game and cheer on your favorite team or your child. Be aware though you should recover before engaging in strenuous singing. Sore vocal chords can cause excessive pressure being placed on them when trying to sing high notes.

Basically, bowed vocal chords come from excessive pressure. Excessive pressure comes from poor habits that affect singing. Your simple daily routine can greatly make a difference

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