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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Anemia Homeopathy Treatment in Chennai ரத்தசோகை சிகிச்சை சென்னை,

 anemia homeopathy treatment in chennai

Anemia இரத்த சோகை
Anemia is a condition in which the body does not have enough healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells provide oxygen to body tissues.

Different types of anemia include இரத்த சோகை பல்வேறு வகைகள்:
·         Anemia due to B12 deficiency - பி 12 பற்றாக்குறை காரணமாக அனீமியா,
·         Anemia due to folate deficiency ஃபோலேட் பற்றாக்குறை காரணமாக அனீமியா,
·         Anemia due to iron deficiency இரும்பு சத்து பற்றாக்குறையின் காரணமாக அனீமியா,
·         Anemia of chronic disease நாள்பட்ட இரத்த சோகை நோய்,
·         Hemolytic anemia இரத்த சிவப்பணு சிதைவு காரணமாக அனீமியா,
·         Idiopathic aplastic anemia  காரணமில்லா அனீமியா,
·         Megaloblastic anemia மெகாலோப்ளாஸ்டிக் அனீமியா,
·         Pernicious anemia முதுவயது இரத்த சோகை,
·         Sickle cell anemia சிக்கில் செல் அனீமியா,
·         Thalassemia தலசீமியா,

Reason for Anemia
Although many parts of the body help make red blood cells, most of the work is done in the bone marrow. Bone marrow is the soft tissue in the center of bones that helps form all blood cells.

Healthy red blood cells last between 90 and 120 days. Parts of your body then remove old blood cells. A hormone called erythropoietin (epo) made in your kidneys signals your bone marrow to make more red blood cells.

Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying protein inside red blood cells. It gives red blood cells their color. People with anemia do not have enough hemoglobin.

The body needs certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to make enough red blood cells. Iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid are three of the most important ones. The body may not have enough of these nutrients due to:
·         Changes in the lining of the stomach or intestines affect how well nutrients are absorbed (for example, celiac disease)
·         Poor diet புவர் டையட்,
·         Slow blood loss இரத்த இழப்பு (for example, from heavy menstrual periods or stomach ulcers)
·         Surgery that removes part of the stomach or intestines

Possible causes of anemia include:
·         Certain medicines சில மருந்துகளின் காரணமாக,
·         Destruction of red blood cells earlier than normal (which may be caused by immune system problems)
·         Long-term (chronic) diseases such as chronic kidney disease, cancer, ulcerative colitis, or rheumatoid arthritis
·         Some forms of anemia, such as thalassemia or sickle cell anemia, which can be inherited
·         Pregnancy கர்ப்பம்,
·         Problems with bone marrow such as lymphoma, leukemia, myelodysplasia, multiple myeloma, or aplastic anemia

You may have no symptoms if the anemia is mild or if the problem develops slowly. Symptoms that may occur first include:
·         Feeling grumpy எரிச்சலான உணர்வு,
·         Feeling weak or tired more often than usual, or with exercise,
·         Headaches தலைவலி,
·         Problems concentrating or thinking
·         If the anemia gets worse, symptoms may include:
·         Blue color to the whites of the eyes
·         Brittle nails உடையக்கூடிய நகங்கள்,
·         Desire to eat ice or other non-food things - pica syndrome- பிக்கா நோய்,
·         Light-headedness when you stand up எழுந்திரிக்கும் போது தலை வலித்தல்,
·         Pale skin color தோல் வெளிர் நிறம்,
·         Shortness of breath with mild activity or even at rest
·         Sore tongue நாக்கு புண்,

Exams and Tests
The doctor will perform a physical examination, and may find:
·         Low blood pressure, especially when you stand up குறைந்த இரத்த அழுத்தம், குறிப்பாக நீங்கள் நிற்கும் போது,
·         Pale skin வெளிறிய தோல்,
·         Rapid heart rate வேகமான இதய துடிப்பு,
Some types of anemia may cause other findings on a physical exam.
Blood tests used to diagnose some common types of anemia may include:
·         Blood levels of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, and other vitamins and minerals.
·         Red blood count சிவப்பு இரத்த எண்ணிக்கை, Hemoglobin level ஹீமோகுளோபின் அளவு  Reticulocyte count ரெடிக்யுலஸிட் எண்ணிக்கை,
Other tests may be done to find medical problems that can cause anemia.

Treatment சிகிச்சை
Treatment should be directed at the cause of the anemia, and may include:
·         Blood transfusions (இரத்த பரிமாற்றம்)
·         Corticosteroids or other medicines that suppress the immune system
·         Erythropoietin, a medicine that helps your bone marrow make more blood cells
·         Supplements of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, or other vitamins and minerals

Homeopathy Treatment for Anemia
Symptomatic Homeopathy medicines helps for  அனீமியா Anaemia.  So its good to consult a experienced Homeopathy physician without any hesitation.

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