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Dust Allergy - Running Nose Homeopathy Treatment Chennai Velacheri,

 running nose homeopathy treatment chennai

Allergic Rhinitis
Allergic rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal passages, usually associated with watery nasal discharge and itching of the nose and eyes.

Allergic rhinitis affects about 20 percent of the population and ranks as one of the most common illnesses in the world. The symptoms occur in the nose and eyes and usually occur after exposure to dust, dander’s, or certain seasonal pollens in people that are allergic to these substances.

Patients can be severely restricted in their daily activities, resulting in excessive time away from school or work.

Causes of Allergic Rhinitis
  • Many perennial and seasonal allergens cause allergic rhinitis.
  • Dust mites, cockroaches, molds and animal dander, are examples of year-around allergens.
  • Tree, grass and ragweed pollens are primarily seasonal outdoor allergens. Seasonal pollens depend on wind for cross-pollination. Plants that depend on insect pollination, such as goldenrod and dandelions, do not usually cause allergic rhinitis.
  • Mold spores grow in warm, damp environments. The highest mold spore counts occur in early spring, late summer and early fall, but mold spores can be measured indoors year-around.
  • Animal allergens are also important indoor allergens. The major cat allergen is secreted through the sebaceous glands of the animal's skin. These small, light proteins are capable of staying suspended in the air for up to six hours and can be measured for several months after a cat is removed from an indoor environment.

Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis
  • Characteristic symptoms include
  • Repetitive sneezing; அடிக்கடி தும்மல் – அடுக்கு தும்மல்
  • Rhinorrhea (runny nose); மூக்கில் தொடர்ந்து நீர் வடிதல்,
  • Post-nasal drip; nasal congestion; தொண்டையில் சளி இறங்குவது, மூக்கு அடைப்பு,
  • Itchy eyes, ears, nose or throat; கண், காது மூக்கு, தொண்டையில் அரிப்பு,
  • Generalized fatigue. உடல் சோர்வு

Symptoms can also include
  • Wheezing, வீசிங் – மூச்சுவாங்குதல்,
  • Eye tearing, கண்களில் நீர் வடிதல்,
  • Sore throat and impaired smell. – தொண்டை கரகரப்பு,

A chronic cough may be secondary to postnasal drip, but should not be mistaken for asthma. Sinus headaches and ear plugging are also common

Homeopathy Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis
The goal of treatment is to reduce the allergy symptoms. Avoidance of the allergen or minimization of contact with it is the best treatment, but relief may be found with the Homeopathic medications.

Symptomatic Constitutional Homoeopathic medicines works well for Allergic Rhinitis.

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