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Friday, November 28, 2014

Homeopathy Specialty Treatment Hospital for Digestive Tract Problems in Velachery, Chennai, Tamil nadu, India

 digestive tract diseases homeo treatment specialist hospital in velachery, chennai, tamilnadu, india

Common Symptoms Of The Digestive Tract
It will be helpful to consider some of the symptoms of the digestive system and the underlying disorders of functions.

Gastro-intestinal pain
Pain is the most common symptom of any patient with gastro- intestinal disease. Adequate stimuli which commonly cause pain in the abdomen are:
1.       Strong contractions of smooth muscles, as in intestinal, biliary, ureteric or uterine colic, particularly if inflammation is present.
2.       Inflammation of parietal peritoneum,  as in perforation of a peptic ulcer or in appendicitis.
3.       Enlargement of the capsule of a ‘viscus’ e.g. the liver, as in cardiac failure, or the spleen as in splenic venous thrombosis.

Tissues which remain relatively insensitive to pain are:
1.       Gastric and intestinal mucosa. Thus intense gastritis or diarrhea gives rise to no more than slight discomfort, provided there is no associated muscular contraction of the bowel.
2.       Parenchyma of liver, spleen, kidney etc. Thus large secondary growths in all this organs may be completely painless.

Quality of pain: The description of the quality of pain by the patient is not generally helpful, as they cannot more often say anything more than that it is deep or superficial. The more helpful factor are its time, site and reference. Reference of pain is a process which takes place in a sensorium to localize the site and origin of pain.
Pain in the abdomen is more often associated with muscular rigidity. This rigidity is in fact a reflex spasm occurring in the abdominal muscle. Rigidity in the abdomen usually results from the peritoneal inflammation and may be present, even if the original pain has disappeared.
Severe pain resulting from periodic spasm in an abdominal organ is known as “colic”.
Intestinal colic ie used to spasmodic pain in the bowels, biliary colic for the pain in the gall bladder, renal colic for that in the kidney and appendicular colic for that in the appendix.

For intestinal colic:
1.       Chamomilla: Flatulent colic with hot cheeks, red face and perspiration; Colic due to anger, worse from warmth. The patient is very cross and does not want to be spoken to; abdomen distended like a drum, as if it would burst; weak digestion.
2.       Colocynth: A specific remedy for gouty and rheumatic persons, when severe griping (spasmodic) pain, mostly around the navel, forces the patient to bend double, or press something hard into the abdomen; colic caused by undigested food, wind or some emotion or cold : emission of flatus relieves; the griping pain sometimes precedes diarrhea. This is remedy for nervous colic and not the inflammatory colic.
3.       Caprum Met. This remedy suits inflammatory colic, when the abdomen is hard, and violent spasms of colic are present. The colic is worse by drinking cold water. Pains are so violent that the patients screams and it is very uneasy.
4.       Dioscorea Villosa: Flatulent spasm of great intensity relieved by stretching the body backward, aggravated by lying down; it suits biliary, rheumatic and neuralgic twitching colics; pains radiate to chest and back. This drug should be given in IX potency in doses of 20 to 40 drops in 2 oz of water, a tea-spoonful every half an hour to two hours. 
5.       Nux Von. Colic from accumulation of flatus or from hemorrhoids, sensation of deep pain with abdomen drawn in; colic from dietetic, or alcoholic drinks; the pains are pinching and griping, worse by motion. There is frequent urging for stool.
6.       Aconite. For colic from cold with burning, cutting and darting in the bowels, worse from the least pressure. The abdomen is swollen and the patient is restless.
7.       Belladonna. Has a griping, clutching and clawing pain. During the pain the transverse colon protrudes across the abdomen.
8.       Mag. Phos. Flatulent colic relived by friction, warmth and pressure and is accompanied by belching the gas, which gives no relief.
9.       Opium.For bad colic with squeezing pains and retracted abdomen,(give plumbum, if Opium fails).

For Appendicular Colic (Appendicitis).
1.       Arsenicum Album. It suits septic cases, when there are chills, hectic ymptoms, diarrhea, restlessness  and sinking of strength. Arsenic relieves vomiting if any  quickly.(Try Mercurius cor. if this fails).
2.       Belladonna.It early stages,when there is a severe pain in the ileo-caecal region, which is sensitive to the slightest touch, worse from jar, motion of bed, or turning. The inflammation is localized; especially useful in catarrhal and recurring cases.
3.       Ferrum Phos & Kali Mur. Useful for inflammation in the ileo-caecal region.
4.       Bryonia. Throbbing and stitching pains, confined to a limited spot, constipation, ileo-caecal region sore to touch, any movement is painful, and so the patient is lying quietly and still. There may be fever.
5.       Lachesis. Sensitiveness to touch all over the abdomen, stitching pains from the seat of inflammation backwards and downward to the thighs; the patient lies on the back with knees drawn-up.
6.       Other remedies are. Dioscorea ( when the patient is never free from pain) ; Mercurius cor; Mag. Phos; Rhus Tox; (great swelling and great pain in ileo-caecal region and intense restlessness)

For ranel colic : (Stone colic)
1. Belladonna. Spasmotic crampy straining along the ureter through which the calculus makes it way.
2. Lycopodium. Colicky pain in the right side of the abdomen which extends into the bladder with frequent urging to urinate. The urine has red sediments at the bottom.
3. Ocimum Can. Agonising pain; the patient twists about screams and groans; red urine with brick-dust sediment.
4. Dioscorea Villosa. Writing with crampy pain; must move about.
5. Berberis Vul. Violent sticky pain in bladder, extending from kidneys into urethra, with urging to urine.
6. Pareira prava. If Berberis fails, this remedy should be given in warm water in every half an hour.
7. Nux Vom. Pain in the right kidney extending into genitals and right legs; nausea, vomiting, constant urging to urinate, inability to lie down in right side, better lying on bed, rising and walking about increases pain.
8. Cantharis. Great burning and tenesmus of the bladder in general complains. Haematuria may be present with urinary difficulties.
9. Equisetum is similar to cantharis, but it has less tenesmus and haematuria.

For biliary coalic.
1.       Dioscorea V. Pains radiate from gall-bladder, less by moving about, or stretching backwards.
2.       Carduus Mar Q. When pain is felt in the left lobe of the liver.
3.       Calc Carb and Berberis Vul. The treatment should begin with Calcaria carb (every 15 min) and be followed by Berberis (IX), if there is no relief.
4.       Belladonna. Is the most important remedy during biliary colic (if it fails, give Atropine Sulph.)
5.       China off. Will prevent the formation of stones in gall-bladder. Use 6X potency and give 10 doses to be taken twice daily for 5 days. Next continue the 10 powders after an gap of one day, then after two days, three days and so on, till there is a gap of one month.
6.       Ether. Will also stop biliary colic, if given every 10 minutes (make a solution with 20 drops and give one teaspoonful at a time)

Homeopathy Medicines Treatment for Digestive track problems
Symptomatic Homeopathy works well for Digestive track problems, It helps to prevent further recurrence also. So its good to consult a experienced Homeopathy physician without any hesitation.

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