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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stop Using Ear Buds

So u just finished having a nice warm shower. 
If u are like me, you must now be reaching for the box of Johnsons cotton buds... arent you?
Dont you just love the amazing soothing feel of that soft tip caressing the insides of your ears? 


Using cotton buds not only makes our ears less clean, but also can cause ear infection and deafness. What? You don't believe me? Please read further...

What exactly is earwax?
Lots of misconceptions float around about earwax. 
Cerumen as it's called medically is not the result of bacteria and dirt building up in our ear.
It is actually produced by glands in the outer ear.
Fear, stress and anxiety can increase producttion of ear wax

Why do I have wax inside my ears?
It is a natural defense mechanism. It protects sensitive skin within the canal from dirt, dead skin, and bacteria. 
Keeps the skin lubricated preventing dryness and itchyness within the ear

Why should I not use a cotton bud to clean the muck from my ears?
Ears actually clean themselves when functioning properly. wax naturally makes its way toward the outer part of the ear whenever we move our jaws to talk or chew. 
Wax is only produced in the outer one-third of the ear canal, Poking with cotton swabs moves wax inside where it can cause infection, deafness and tinnitus—a terrible buzzing sound. Removing wax from the ear leaves the skin exposed to infections. Bacteria thrive in wax-free ears. 
and if u poke ur ear too deep, u can rupture the eardrums

What is the correct method to clean ears?
Take a soft cloth soaked in warm water (not hot) and gently wipe the outside of the ear. There you are done! 
Don’t stick anything inside your ear not cotton buds, not fingers, and especially no hairpins, pencils, or whatever else u got on your desk.

What can i do if there is wax deep inside my ears?
Warm a little bit of olive oil or baby oil up to body temperature and place two drops in your ear two times a day for two days.
After the wax has softened up and becomes loose all that you normally need to do is spray a little bit of warm water from a gentle shower inside the ear and tip your head to the side so it can all drain out. 

Interesting facts about earwax
# How do I pronounce cerumen? Answer is 'seh-ROO-men'
# In medieval times earwax was used to prepare pigments illustrate manuscripts.
# Whales have an annual buildup of earwax, adding layers each year. the number of layers can be counted to determine the age of the whale
# Earwax comes in two varieties, wet and the dry type. East Asians and Native Americans have the dry type(grey & flaky), whereas Caucasians and Africans have the wet type (honey-brown & moist). 
# The California based Jelly Belly Candy Company has a jelly bean with ear wax flavour!

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