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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Head ache Homeopathy Treatment in Chennai

 vivekananda Homeopathy clinic head ache treatment chennai

Headache - homeopathic Medicine
Here are some important medicines are given, which may be selected according to the totality of symptoms.

Belladonna 30
Ø  Throbbing is the great keynote
Ø  Violent shooting pains in the head,
Ø  Unable to bear light, a draft of air, noise.
Ø  Location - Frontal region or right side.
Ø  Red face, dilated pupils, eyes red.
Ø  Feeling as if the head would burst.
Ø  Hot head and cold feet.

Glonoine 30
Ø  There is throbbing as characteristic as Belladonna.
Ø  The face is not so deeply flushed, and red.
Ø  Aggravation from bending the head backwards,
Ø  It has the explosive bursting headache
Ø  Headache caused by working in heat or in artificial light.

Nux vomica 30,
Ø  Cause - Headache from the excessive use of alcohol, the morning “big head,” tobacco, coffee, headache from digestive troubles, constipation, and specially auto-“intoxication” and hepatic insufficiency.
Ø  Location - The headache is situated over one or the other eye, usually the left, or else in the occipital
Ø  Headache accompanied with sour taste or perhaps nausea and violent retching.
Ø  The complexion looks muddy and the whites of the eyes are yellow,
Ø  The urine is scanty and high colored.  a rival in frontal headaches, and it will often cure after other remedies have failed.

Sanguinaria 30,
Ø  The pain begins in the morning and in the occiput; it comes up over the head and settles in the right eye.
Ø  The pain increases in severity until there is vomiting of food and bile, then the headache is relieved.
Ø  The patient will frantically bore her headache into the pillow for relief.
Ø  It is especially suitable to women who menstruate too freely.
Ø  Headache is relieved by lying down, profuse urination.

Iris versicolor. 30
Ø  The headache commences with a partial blindness, or blurring of vision (Gelsemium and Kali Bich.)
Ø  It is especially a remedy for gastric or bilious headaches.
Ø  The head begins to ache as soon as the blurring disappears.
Ø  Sunday headache it occurs in teachers, scholars, professors, etc., in whom a relief of the strain of the preceding six days produces the headache.
Ø  The pains are mostly located over the eyes in the supra-orbital ridges, usually in one side at a time, mostly the right.
Ø  The pains are throbbing or sharp, and when at their acme vomiting of bitter or very sour. 
Ø  The headache is aggravated by violent motion, cold air and coughing; moderate exercise in the open air relieves.

 Gelsemium 30
Ø  The headache commencing with blindness.
Ø  Headaches due to eye strains.
Ø  The headache commences in the occiput or nape of the neck, comes up over the head settles in the eye as in Sanguinaria.
Ø  The patient is dull and apathetic, and there is great soreness in the eye when moving them.
Ø  Copious urination which relieves the headache.
Ø  The headaches are accompanied with visual troubles, such as double vision, squinting and dim sight.
Ø  Gelsemium headaches are also relieved by sleep,
Ø  Dullness, dizziness and drawsiness.

Kali bichromicum 30
Ø  It has a headache commencing with blindness; the pain settles in a small spot, is very intense, then the blindness disappears.

Cocculus 30
Ø  The remedy for occipital headache. the headache occurs in the lower part of the occiput and extends to the nape,.
Ø  It always associated with vertigo there is constant nausea.
Ø  Cause -  Riding in the cars and a carriage.
Ø  The sensation as if the occiput were opening and shutting. This is also one of the most characteristic symptoms of
Ø  Worse from mental effort, and are better indoors and during rest.

Spigelia 30
Ø  This remedy holds about the same relation to the left side of the head that Sanguinaria does to the right side.
Ø  The pains are neuralgic in character, settle over the left eye,and they are apt to follow the course of the sun, beginning in the morning, reaching the acme at noon and subsiding at sunset.
Ø  There is often a sensation as if the head were open along the vertex.
Ø  Worse by Noises and jarring, stooping and change of weather.

Cimicifuga 30
Ø  It corresponds to headache of students and those exhausted by fatigue.
Ø  There is first a sensation as if the top of the head would fly off.
Ø  There are sharp, lancinating pains in and over the eyes, shooting to the top of the head.
Ø  The sharp pain extending from the occiput to the frontal region, as if a bolt were driven through the head.
Ø  Headaches which are reflex or dependent on some uterine irritation.

Silicea 30
Ø  When a patient with a headache has her head tied up with a towel or handkerchief  simply to keep it warm.
Ø  The headache of Silicea nervous and caused by excessive mental exertion.
Ø  The face is pale at the commencement of the headache, but gets flushed as the pain becomes intense.
Ø  Body is chilly.
Ø  It is supra-orbital and worse over the right eye, the pains coming up from the back of the head.
Ø  Noise, motion and jarring aggravate. Warmth relieves.
Ø  The headache is relieved by copious urination.

Argentum nitricum 30
Ø  The head seems enormously large.
Ø  There is much boring pain in the left frontal eminence.
Ø  Tying the head up tightly relieves the headache.

Melilotus alba 30
Ø  There is a sensation of bursting, it seems as if the brain would burst through the forehead,
Ø  The pains are intense and throbbing and almost drive the patient frantic.
Ø  The eyes are bloodshot and the headache tends to recur every afternion.
Ø  The headache culminates in nosebleed, which relieves.
Ø  Congestive headaches, due to sexual irritation.

Natrum muriaticum 30
Ø  There were little hammers beatings in the skull,
Ø  Worse from moving the head or eyeballs.
Ø  Worse about 10 A.M.
Ø  The headache is preceded by partial blindness.
Ø  Headache in school girls during menses. 
Ø  The headache generally centers around the region of the ear and runs up to the parietal bone or occiput.
Ø  Stiffness of the nape of the neck.
Ø  Profuse urination relieving. It has also as before stated the clavus hystericus.

Warning: Self medication is not advisable – Its good to consult a Registered Homeopathy doctor before taking medicines,

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