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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Tampons Advantages and Disadvantages

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Tampons – Advantages and Disadvantages,
Tampons, like sanitary pads, are another kind of menstrual device. Tampons are inserted completely inside the vaginal canal with the string hanging out of the body.
Using a tampon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below we have discussed the pros and cons of using a tampon.

Advantages of using a tampon:
Freedom: It is one of the most important aspects that a woman looks for during her periods.
  • Sports & swimming: Most women find it extremely difficult to participate in sports and can’t swim in the pool during their menstruation. Tampons give freedom to women allowing activities such as vigorous sport and even swimming. Women can continue swimming throughout the days of menstruation, when using a tampon. The tampon does not get wet inside the pool since it is deep set inside the vagina. It’s only the string that hangs out the body.
  • Clothing options: A woman is free to wear thongs and tight fitting pants during their periods. A tampon is just not detectable when inserted into the vaginal cavity. Unlike the pads, it cannot be seen from the outside of clothes. Therefore, one may use tampons when wearing tight fitted clothing, thongs, and bathing suits.

No menstrual odor:
Menstrual blood starts giving an unpleasant odor only when it comes into contact with outside air. When using a tampon, this doesn’t happen since it is located inside the body itself. Therefore, there is no menstrual odor in this case.

Tampons are a very good option when it comes to hygienic point of view. Unlike pads, where the menstrual blood gets in contact with the skin around the pubic area, tampons don’t lead to this situation. No blood comes in contact with the skin as long as the tampon is not fully soaked with the blood.

Disadvantages of using a tampon:
  • Inconvenience:
  • Inserting a tampon inside the vagina can be a little inconvenient to many women. It takes a lot of practice to properly insert it. They could be a little unnerving for women who are using them for the first time. The feeling of the tampon inside may feel strange unless one gets used to it.
  • It is also inconvenient to keep the string out of the way when using the bathroom.
  • Risk of over soaked tampon: You cannot tell if you soaked your tampon the way you can by looking at the pad. This may invite a risk of staining you clothes.

Health concerns:
  • TSH: One may fall prey to a very rare condition associated with tampon usage called the Toxic Shock Syndrome. To avoid this, you need to change your tampon every 4- 8 hours a day. Exceeding the time limit, you may need to visit your doctor.
  • You should also not use tampon while retiring to bed and should switch over to pads at nights.
  • Pesticides: Tampons contain pesticides and chlorine used to bleach the cotton. Although, there are not sufficient amounts of dioxin to pose a health risk; still they can cause inflammation to some.

Common myths about tampons:
There are many myths about using a tampon. Some think that using a tampon can cost her virginity; others feel that a tampon can get lost in the body. There are age related myths also prevalent among women.

Myths those are not true:

A tampon can get lost inside the body:
A tampon can never get lost inside your body because it has nowhere to go. The tampon rests just below the cervix which has a very tiny opening. A tampon is too big to pass through the cervix.
The vaginal muscles are strong enough to hold the tampon on place until you pull the string to remove it.

Tampons costs virginity:
A woman only loses her virginity when an erect penis hits inside the vagina with a rigorous force. Tampons are soft and narrow. Therefore there is no risk of losing virginity while using a tampon.

Tampons can be used only by elder women:
Age has nothing to do with tampons. A woman can start using tampon from the very young age, as soon she starts having her first period.


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