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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Acute pancreatitis பான்கிரியாடைட்டிஸ் - கணைய அழற்சி Information & Treatment

 Pancreas homeopathy treatment clinic in chennai

Acute pancreatitis பான்கிரியாடைட்டிஸ் - கணைய அழற்சி
Acute pancreatitis is sudden swelling and inflammation of the pancreas.

Causes - காரணங்கள்
The pancreas is an organ located behind the stomach that produces chemicals called enzymes, which are needed to digest food. It also produces the hormones insulin and glucagon. Most of the time, the enzymes are only active after they reach the small intestine.
When these enzymes become active inside the pancreas, they digest the tissue of the pancreas. This causes swelling, bleeding (hemorrhage), and damage to the organ and its blood vessels. This condition is called acute pancreatitis.

Acute pancreatitis affects men more often than women. Certain diseases, surgeries, and habits make you more likely to develop this condition. The two most common causes of pancreatitis in the United States are heavy alcohol use and gallstones.

Alcohol use is responsible for up to 70% of cases in the United States. Acute pancreatitis typically requires 5 to 8 drinks per day for 5 or more years. Gallstones are the next most common cause. The condition develops when the gallstones travel out of the gallbladder into the bile ducts, where they block the opening that drains the common bile duct and pancreatic duct (ampulla). Genetics may be a factor in some cases. Sometimes, the cause is not known.

Other conditions that have been linked to pancreatitis are:
·         Autoimmune problems (when the immune system attacks the body) (நோய் எதிர்ப்பு திறன் பிரச்சினை)
·         Damage to the ducts or pancreas during surgery (அறுவை சிகிச்சை போது குழாய்கள் அல்லது கணையம் சேதம்)
·         High blood levels of a fat called triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia) usually above 1000 mg/dL (ட்ரைகிளிசரைடுகள்)
·         Injury to the pancreas from an accident

Other causes include:
·         Complications of cystic fibrosis (சிஸ்டிக் ஃபைப்ரோஸிஸ்)
·         Hemolytic uremic syndrome (குருதி சிவப்பணு சிதைவு)
·         Hyperparathyroidism(ஹைபர்‌ பாரா தைராய்டிசம்)
·         Kawasaki disease (கவாசாகி நோய்)
·         Reye syndrome
·      Use of certain medications (especially estrogens, corticosteroids, sulfonamides, thiazides and azathioprine)
·         Viral infections, including (வைரஸ் தொற்றுக்கள்)
·         Mumps (பொன்னுக்கு வீங்கி)
·  Mycoplasma pneumonia , coxsackie B, and campylobacter (மைக்கோபிளாஸ்மா நிமோனியா, கொசாக்கி மற்றும் காம்பைலோபேக்டர்)
·  Injury to the pancreas after a procedure such as an ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) or EUS (endoscopic ultrasound) with FNA (fine needle aspirate)

Symptoms (அறிகுறிகள்)
The main symptom of pancreatitis is pain felt in the upper left side or middle of the abdomen. The abdominal pain:
·         May be worse within minutes after eating or drinking at first, especially if foods have a high fat content
·         Becomes constant and more severe, lasting for several days
·         May be worse when lying flat on the back
·         May spread (radiate) to the back or below the left shoulder blade
People with acute pancreatitis often look ill and have a fever, nausea, vomiting, and sweating.

Other symptoms that may occur with this disease include:
·         Clay-colored stools (களிமண் நிற மலம்)
·         Gaseous abdominal fullness (க்யாஸீயஸ் ஆப்டாமிநல் ஃபுல்ல்‌நெஸ்)
·         Hiccups (விக்கல்கள்)
·         Indigestion (அஜீரணம்)
·         Mild yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice) (மஞ்சள் காமாலை)
·         Swollen abdomen (வீங்கிய வயிறு)

Exams and Tests
The doctor will do a physical exam, which may show:
·         Abdominal tenderness or lump (mass)
·         Fever (காய்ச்சல்)
·         Low blood pressure (குறைந்த இரத்த அழுத்தம்)
·         Rapid heart rate (இதய துடிப்பு அதிகரித்தல்)
·         Rapid breathing (increased respiratory rate) (மூச்சு வாங்குதல்)

Lab tests that show the release of pancreatic enzymes will be done. These include:
·         Increased blood amylase level
·         Increased serum blood lipase level
·         Increased urine amylase level

Other blood tests that can help diagnose pancreatitis or its complications include:
·         Complete blood count (CBC) (முழுமையான இரத்த அணு சோதனை)
·         Comprehensive metabolic panel

Imaging tests that can show inflammation of the pancreas include:
·         Abdominal CT scan (ப்டாமில் CT ஸ்கேன்)
·         Abdominal MRI (ப்டாமிநல் எம் ஆர் ஐ)
·         Abdominal ultrasound (ப்டாமிநல் அல்ட்ராசவுண்ட்)

You may lower your risk of new or repeat episodes of pancreatitis by taking steps to prevent the medical conditions that can lead to the disease:
·         Avoid aspirin when treating a fever in children, especially if they may have a viral illness, to reduce the risk of Reye syndrome.
·         Do NOT drink too much alcohol.
·         Make sure children receive vaccines to protect them against mumps and other childhood illnesses.

·         Treat medical conditions that contribute to hypertriglyceridemia.


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