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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tips for First Aid

Every year many accidents occur. With some care, they can be prevented. In case an accident does happen you can be of help if you know first aid. Read each of the following carefully. You will be able to give vital first aid if needed. Remember always to seek help from an adult IMMEDIATELY. Do not move the casualty unnecessarily. Keep him warm. Make a diagnosis, Decide the treatment and treat. Remember the ABC of First Aid. See if his airways are clear, that he is breathing, and his blood circulation is patent.

Give sugar/sweet if confused or unconscious, if no recovery hospitalize.


a) Asthma:

Sit patient down, leaning slightly forward preferably resting on a table.
First time sufferers - see a doctor.
b) Respiration:
If it is failing, give artificial respiration - MOUTH to MOUTH or MOUTH to NOSE.
c) Choking (resulting in unconsciousness):
If the   patient   becomes unconscious lie him on his back, sit astride him and place one hand on top of the other, just below his ribcage. Thrust your palms upwards and inwards. If breathing   returns,   put patient in recovery position and monitor his breathing and pulse.

Stop the bleeding and protect the wound. Do not apply direct or indirect pressure. Cover with a dressing, apply a pad and firm bandage.  Elevate. Keep at rest.


A burn is caused by dry heat and a scald by moist heat like steam, very hot water or oil. IMMEDIATELY cool the area with cold water - for 15 mins. till pain subsides. DO NOT break blisters, or apply anything on the burns. Cover with a sterile or clean cloth, pad and bandage.  Give fluids. Remove jewellery, cut off clothing.


Do not press the bag (of the sting).  Use forecaps and remove the sting. Apply cold or weak ammonia compress.


Immobilize it with a well padded stiff support reaching beyond the joints on either side. Apply bandages on either side of the site and at the joints on either side support.   Never try to straighten a broken limb.


Wash with soap and plenty of water. A loose bandage may be applied. Get quick medical aid.

Keep patient calm. Wash with plenty of water and soap. DO NOT RUB hard.   First apply a constrictive bandage on the heart side of the bite. Do not incise or attempt to suck the wound.  Get aid quickly. Try to identify the snake.


Sit the patient up facing the breeze and the head bent slightly forward.  Ask him/her to breathe through the mouth and NOT to blow the nose. Apply a cold compress over the nose.  The soft part of the nose may be pinched close with the fingers for 10 mins.  Cold application on the back of the neck and forehead may help.


Lay him down and loosen the clothing around chest and waist. Turn head to one side. The legs may be raised a little. DO NOT attempt to give any solids or liquids. On recovery a small quantity of a drink may be given and allowed to sit up and move after rest. Give fresh air.

Never restrain the patient but ease the fall; remove objects that could harm, loosen clothing, turn face to side, keep airway clear.

Try to keep the casualty's head lower than his/her chest once he/she is out of the water. If the casualty has stopped breathing send for an ambulance and start artificial ventilation as soon as possible. Clear any water from the stomach and air passages by placing him/her on the floor facing downwards, holding the waist and lifting   lower back. If the casualty has no pulse, start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


If you are in doubt about the treatment DO NOT DO anything. You may do more harm. These are only hints. To be a good FIRST AIDER you can do a first aid course.

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