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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Genetics Made Easy - Easy way to understand Birth...2

Gene Therapy

Glossaries of Genetic Terminology

International Groups and Ethics Committees

American Academy of Dermatology - ADD
This web provides information on institutions and help groups. 

American Society of Gene Therapy

Spanish Association of Prenatal Diagnosis
Professional association devoted to prenatal diagnosis. It provides links to other national and international societies with areas of common interest. 

Spanish Association of Human Genetics
Professional association devoted to human genetics. It provides links to other professional associations devoted to human genetics. It links to other societies and databases. 

A World of Genetic Societies
This web provides information on professional organisations with additional links to other educational programmes. 

Birth Defects-Genetics-Teratology- Foundations-Support Organizations
This web provides information on congenital defects-genetics-teratology and links to foundations and support groups. It is a very comprehensive web translated into several languages. 

CGC Clinical Genetic Center
Certified Genetics Laboratory, with a strong orientation towards research and the development of new tests. The Genetic Laboratory performs over 500 analysis of different types in Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Prenatal Screening, Embryo-Pathology, and Genetic Couselling in different medical areas: Prenatal Diagnosis, Oncohaematology and Paternity testing. 

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Institut Universitari Dexeus
Web with a section for the general public containing information on womens health, debate subjects developed by the staff of our department, and a guide presentation to become familiarise with our services. Recommended links and reading materials. 

Down Syndrome Foundations
Ir provides information on national and international foundations for Down Syndrome, magazine referral and clinical orientation. 

European Directory of DNA diagnostic Laboratories. Excelent service, 317 laboratories, 580 genetic conditions, 707 contact persons. It provides links to other professional associations devoted to human genetics. 

European Society of Gene Therapy

A web page devoted to the sciences and the practice of assisted fertilisation techniques and human reproduction. 

Fetal Medicine
Website of the London Fetal Medicine Foundation, directed by Professor Nicolaides. 

Free Medical Journal
Promoting free access to medical journals. 

Fundación Genes y Gentes (People and Genes Foundation)
This is a non-lucrative organisation declared to be of social interest that has pioneered in Spain for its interest and social involvement in the field of genetics. It was conceived to provide permanent support to all members of our society, from given individuals to public institutions, in the training, education, research and genetic-social protection, based on the principles and acknowledgement of the dignity, rights and fundamental liberties of all human beings." 

It provides information on the latest developments in genetics: diseases, resources in clinical genetics and laboratory. 

List of laboratories that carry out genetic testing, accessible by specific disease. 

It provides information on diseases and molecular biology testing. 

Genetic Alliance

Genetic and rare Conditions Site
Very comprehensive information site on genetic alterations and congenital defects, aimed at the general population as well as the professional community and educators. It links to national and international organisations. 

Genetics & IVF Institute
Institute specialising in infertility and genetic disorders. It contains information releases of great interest. 

Genzyme Genetics
It provides a patient education service in Spanish and English on indications, limitations, risks and options for certain genetic tests. 

Global TeleGenetics GeneScene
It provides News & Info about Medical Genetics. Genetic health care examples. GeneScene site information. Global telegenetics medical group. 

Grupo Sabater Anlisis

Hayward Genetics Center-Links
It provides information on professional societies and support groups. 

Health Web
Linking You the best in Health Information 

Hed Foundation
Hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia Foundation. It also provides information on photosensitivity related diseases. 

Hereditary Disease Foundation

Foundation for hereditary diseases of a neurological origin (Huntington and others). 

Human GeneMutationDatabase
Listing of molecular alterations in human genes. 

MACGN (Mid-atlantic Cancer genetics network)

Centre specialising in hereditary cancer: breast, ovarian, colorectal and prostate cancer. 

March of Dimes

Medical Genetics for Patients and Families
Information on medical genetics for patients and families. 

La Medtrpoli
Medical web, with news, journals, dictionary images, forum, downloads, and more things. For physicians, medical students and health works. In spanish 

This organisation does research work and provides information on a number of heart diseases. 

Mucolipidosis IV Foundation ML4
Mucolipidosis IV Foundation 

National Organization for Rare Disorders

National Foundation forJewish Genetic Diseases.Inc.
Foundation specialising in Tay-Sachs diseases. 

NOAH (New York Online Access to Health)
It provides information on health topics and searches information by word. Bilingual site Spanish/English. 

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
List of human hereditary diseases. "The Bible of Geneticists". 

It is an information server on strange diseases and orphanage medication with free access for the public. The aim is to contribute to the improvement of the marshalling and treatment of strange diseases with genetic origin, auto-immune or infectious, infrequente neoplasias or diseases without precise diagnosis. Offering adapted services for the needs of the ill and their families, healthcare professionals and investigators, patient associations and industry. Can be chosen in different languages. 

Patient UK
Educational web, providing information on the disease and links to other sites. 

PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, provides access to over 12 million MEDLINE citations back to the mid-1960s and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources. 

Reproductive Genetics Institute

The official web page of the Spanish Society of Fertility 

The American Society of Human Genetics
It provides information about the society, organisation, publications, and congresses. It links to other societies and databases. 

The European Society of Human Genetics
It provides information on the society, organisations, publications, and congresses. It links to other societies and databases. 

The breast cancer research foundation
Breast cancer foundation. 

The DNA Learning Center
Based on the laboratories at Cold Spring Harbour, introduces molecular biology concepts. 

The Genetics Alliance
Information and genetic resources databases. 

The Internet Sleuth
Directory of health search engines. 

The Purine Metabolic PatientsAssociation
Lesch-Nyham Syndrome association. 

World Health Organisation web page. 

Yahoo! Directory Health > Medicine
These are search engine containing data bases that cover a wide range of medical areas, classified by categories in alphabetical order. 

Google Directory Health > Medicine

These are search engine containing data bases that cover a wide range of medical areas, classified by categories in alphabetical order.

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