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Thursday, February 10, 2011

FAQ - Homeopathy

1. Are Homeopathic medicines safe?
The mode of preparation of homeopathic medicines is such that the medicines are repeatedly diluted and succussed to enhance the inherent curative powers of natural substances. By this method the material quantity of natural substances is reduced to minimal thereby reducing their side effects.

2. Is it possible to take conventional medicines along with Homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy can be taken along with conventional medicines like antihypertensive, insulin, dietary supplements or other medicines which the body is used to for years and need a slow withdrawal. However certain conventional medicines like antibiotics and skin ointments and lotions are restricted as they interfere with Homeopathic medicines.

3. Are there too many dietary restrictions with Homoeopathy?
It is a myth that there are lots of dietary restrictions with homeopathic medicines like onions, garlic, coffee etc. There are only few medicines which get antidoted by certain food products nothing applies as a rule and in most cases no dietary restrictions apply..

4. Can Homeopathic medicines be taken safely for children and during pregnancy?
It is absolutely safe to take homeopathic medicines for children and during pregnancy; in fact Homoeopathy is helpful in treating various pregnancy and post delivery ailments.

5. How can Homoeopathy work if there are no molecules of the original substance left in the medicine?
Unlike other forms of medicine, Homoeopathy does not work on the material level. We believe, and there is mounting evidence to suggest, that Homoeopathy is what is known as an 'energy medicine'. Experiments in the area of quantum physics, that is, at the sub-molecular level, tend to support our theory that Homoeopathy is rather like a message to the body to heal itself.

6. Isn't it dangerous to use poisonous herbs?
It is easy to confuse Homoeopathy with herbalism, because in fact we also use plants in our medicines. Herbalists use tinctures (crude doses), but, although some medicinal plants are POTENTIALLY poisonous, our medicine is diluted so much that there is no chance of toxicity from them.

7. Can Homoeopathy treat serious diseases such as cancer?
There has been little research in this area to date, and let's be honest, most people with life-threatening illnesses see medical specialists first. However, it is important to realize that Homoeopathy is a complementary medicine and is frequently used alongside conventional treatments in such cases. Homoeopathy can reduce the side-effects of cancer treatments, and makes a valuable contribution to the care of cancer patients.

8. Can I have Homoeopathy instead of HRT?
This is an area for which we do have evidence. Yes, Homoeopathy is a real alternative to HRT, but the prescription must be individualized to the patient. Homeopaths treat hot flushes, hormonal mood-swings, depression, headaches, itching and other menopausal problems. They often suggest lifestyle changes and give dietary advice too.

9. How do we know Homoeopathy works? Could it just be a placebo?
There have been some important trials done in Glasgow which demonstrate that Homoeopathy is not simply a placebo. Remember that all medicines can behave as placebos...especially the colored ones! The experience of many homeopaths over the past 200 years is that we achieve much higher success rates than can be attributed to placebo along. Homoeopathy has also been demonstrated to work on animals and as we are frequently asked to treat babies and small children, we are convinced it is not just a placebo. We do desperately need more trials into Homoeopathy. A big research effort is currently taking place at Sheffield University to establish the kind of research model we need to properly investigate its efficacy.

10. How do you find out what a medicine can help with?
The medicines are tested on healthy adults who volunteer to test a new remedy. All their symptoms are reported and graded. This, along with clinical evidence of effectiveness, goes to form the 'picture' of a remedy that we can match to a patient suffering from a similar set of symptoms. However this is not easy - we have over 3000 medicines to choose from!

11. Is it true that homeopaths don't agree with vaccination?
It's not as simple as those...homeopaths specialize in the treatment of individuals and their unique responses to disease. So we work with a different health model from the conventional one, which aims to increase "herd immunity". The Society of Homeopaths acknowledges that there is much anecdotal and scientific evidence to support the arguments presented for and against vaccination. We believe that parents should be supported in making rational informed decisions on the short and long term implications of vaccination. Whether to have your child vaccinated or not is a very personal choice and an educated decision should be made based on the individual needs of each child. One size does not fit all. Vaccination is not necessarily the right decision for each child nor is it necessarily bad for the majority.

12. Can you treat pregnant women and small babies?
Yes. Homoeopathy comes into its own when we treat common problems of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, back-ache and fatigue. Because the medicines are safe, even very small babies can be treated, for things such as failure to feed, indigestion and colic.

13. What do doctors think about Homoeopathy?
Doctors are becoming increasingly open-minded about Homoeopathy and where Homoeopathy is integrated in the NHS, the majority of doctors welcome it. Most private health insurance companies will allow referrals to registered homeopaths.

14. Should I tell my GP that I am proposing to consult a homeopath?
This is a personal decision. Many GPs are open to complementary and alternative therapies. While you are on homeopathic treatment your symptoms are likely to change or disappear, and you may not need all or some of the drugs you may have been taking so far. Sometimes your GP may already have advised you to reduce whatever you are taking but be aware that any change in your prescribed medication must be discussed with your GP in advance. I am happy to write a letter to your GP to inform him about your homeopathic treatment if you so wish.

15. Do I have to stop the drugs I am currently taking?
Absolutely not. Homoeopathy is a complementary system of medicine and as such it can be used as an alternative treatment or where necessary it can work beautifully alongside orthodox medicine and can alleviate symptoms from pharmaceutical drugs. There are some drugs, especially those which suppress symptoms (for example cortisone-based creams for eczema; the contraceptive pill; HRT) which can make homeopathic treatment more difficult and slower. But the homeopath has many methodologies and has ways to overcome these obstacles. I repeat, it is vital to always consult your prescribing doctor regarding any changes in medication.

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